Funeral home

ORKS is one of the oldest and experienced funeral homes in Latvia. The undertaker's office was established right after Latvia regained its independence. At the ORKS we are dedicated to provide full spectrum of funeral services and valuable assistance to families facing the loss of a loved one.

Repatriation following a death is one of the ORKS services. We provide all the necessary assistance in the process of repatriation of the bodies of the deceasead to and from Latvia, including working with local authorities, respective embassies, and transportation.

24/7 customer support: +371 29277566+371 29277566 

Fax: +371 64281569



Company name: SIA Rituālie Pakalpojumi
Address: Rīgas iela 37, Valmiera, LV 4201
Unified registration number with the Commercial Register: 
 LV 44103090102
Bank: A/S Citadele banka
Bank account: LV37PARX0013983310001



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